The protection of personal data is a key priority for the Management and staff of Hotel Makednos. Through this Privacy Policy, we want to inform the public about the nature, species and purposes for which we collect, use and process personal data. We also want to inform those who own the personal data about their rights.
As Processor, Hotel Makednos implements a variety of technical and organizational measures to achieve the highest possible degree of data protection that you entrust to us. However, we point out that there is no “guaranteed” security both inside and outside the Internet.
This Privacy Policy is part of a set of actions taken to comply with the applicable national, European and international legal framework on data protection and privacy and in particular with the General Regulation of Personal Data Protection 679/2016 of the European Union.

Hotel Makednos
Address: Akti Koviou, Sithonia, 630 80, Chalkidiki, Greece
Phone: +30 2375081430

* We collect only as much information as needed at a time so that we can provide services that meet your needs. Usually this information includes:
* contact details (name, e-mail address, postal address of residence and work, landline and mobile phone number),
* credit card details (card type, credit card number, name on the card, expiration date and security code),
* information that helps us better serve you (arrival and departure dates, date of birth, gender, names and ages of your spouses and children, room preferences, food preferences, leisure activities, etc.),
* information resulting from your visits to our website (via cookies),
* “Data of specific categories (sensitive)” (allergies and other health problems that require special management on our part).

We want to keep you always informed about the collection and use of your personal data which come into our possession when you are informed about our services and / or visit the hotels of our Group. We will never ask for more information than we really need to meet your requests and communicate effectively with you. In general, we collect information about:
* to contact you when you ask us to book a room,
* to respond and generally manage your requests both before you arrive and when you are in our hotels,
* to inform you about our hotels,
* send you newsletter and other information material,
* to adapt our services to your personal preferences,
* the use of our electronic applications on your mobile devices,
* to receive your comments during or after the completion of your stay in our hotels,
* to provide you with extra services during your stay in our hotels.

We always ask for your consent when we are going to use your personal data for purposes other than those related to the provision of our services, such as. for direct marketing purposes such as sending informative emails and newsletters. We also ask for your consent to the “sensitive” personal data you entrust to us such as your ethnic origin and your state of health.
You should know that you can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us by phone (+30 2375023000) and by email: Especially in terms of promotional messages and newsletters that you receive from us, you can always opt out by clicking on the link included in such communications.
In the event that you provide us with personal information of a third party, you have the responsibility to inform that person of the use of his or her information and to obtain his or her express consent that such information is provided for the purposes set out above. In any case, the Privacy Policy applies to any information obtained from a third party.

We will never share your information with third parties unless:
* you have given us relevant explicit consent,
* it is necessary to provide you with a service you have requested (eg your transfer from the airport / port or other point of arrival at our hotel),
* when companies or service providers doing business on our behalf need such information in order to perform the tasks set out in their agreements with us (eg credit card processing, customer support services, market research or database management services),
* required by law by court order or at the request of any other competent governmental, judicial, police, administrative or regulatory authority, upon lawful request and in accordance with the relevant laws,
* in case of emergency, such as the preservation of a person’s life, health or property.
When the information is transferred to third parties as mentioned above, we take care to minimize the information provided to the extent necessary to achieve this purpose.
Unless otherwise prohibited by legal process, third parties are obligated and committed to Hotel Makednos to protect your personal data in accordance with our policy and to comply with applicable privacy laws and regulations.

We hold the privacy of your personal information in the highest regard, only as required by the relevant collection and processing purpose. In addition, the retention time for some of your personal data may depend on the relevant legislation as well as our relevant policies in terms of dispute resolution, grievance redress, fraud prevention and other illegal activities.
After the end of the retention period, your personal data is destroyed, deleted or anonymized.

You should be aware that under European personal data law, you have a number of rights in relation to your personal data held by us. Specifically, you can ask us:
* give you a copy of your data,
* correct your data if you believe it is inaccurate,
* delete your data, if there are specific reasons,
* limit the processing we do of your data,
* to give you your data in an appropriate format as well as to transfer it to another company,
* to stop processing all the data you have given us through consent and especially what we use to send promotional messages and newsletters.

To ask us to do any of the above, you can contact us by phone (+30 2375081430) and email: We will promptly consider your request in relation to the relevant provisions of the current legislation on personal data and will respond to you within thirty days of receiving your request. If, due to the complexity of the request or the plethora of requests, we are unable to respond to you in a timely manner, we will notify you within those thirty days of any delay, which in no case may exceed two months from the expiry of the 30-day period. We may ask you for some identification (eg a copy of your identity card or passport) in order to avoid unauthorized disclosure of your personal data.
To ensure that your personal information is accurate and up-to-date, we encourage you to keep us informed of your information regularly, as appropriate (eg in the event of a change of residence or e-mail address).
If you feel that your rights over your personal data are being violated, you always reserve the right to submit a complaint / complaint to the competent Personal Data Protection Supervisory Authority:, 1-3 Kifissias, PC 115 23, Athens, tel. 210 6475600, email: In this case, we would particularly appreciate if you had prior contact with the Personal Data Protection Officer of our Group, or by sending a Natural Letter to the company’s headquarters: Hotel Makednos Address: Akti Koviou, Sithonia, PO Box. 63088, Halkidiki, Greece by sending an Email (to the Email account:, always stating your full details and the reason for your contact with us. We assure you that we value your trust and we take immediate care to respond to your every request, question or complaint.

We recognize the importance of information security and are in a constant process of reviewing and improving the technical and organizational measures we take. For both our website and our servers and other information infrastructure, we have established and implemented appropriate security measures to protect your data from misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, loss, alteration or destruction. Although there is no “guaranteed security” either on or off the Internet, we protect your information by using appropriate administrative, procedural and technical safeguards, including controlled access, firewalls and the use of encryption.

When you visit our website we receive information about you using some small files of alphanumeric characters called cookies and stored on your computer. Cookies assign your computer a unique ID, which in turn becomes your identity every time you return to our website.
Cookies are designed to save you time, because they help us offer you a customized experience without having to remind us of your preferences every time you return to our website. Cookies do not cause damage to your electronic equipment, nor can they read information from other files on your computer hard drive.
Our cookies follow you only while you are on our website and do not collect information about you from the moment you leave it and go to another website. We are not the only ones who place cookies on your computer and we are not responsible for the presence of third party cookies and the way they are used.
The application (browser) you use to visit websites can be configured to handle cookies according to your preferences:
* accept all cookies,
* reject all cookies,
* ask you to accept or reject cookies on a case by case basis.
You should contact the manufacturer or supplier of your browser to find out more about its cookie security settings. We inform you that if you reject all cookies you may not be able to use our website in full.
Your prior consent is required for the use of cookies. Exceptions to this rule are only cookies that serve the functional needs of the website (functional cookies) and are necessary for its appearance and effective operation.

Although the website may contain links to third party websites, it is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these websites and expressly disclaims any responsibility for any loss or damage that may be caused by the use of such links. We do not monitor the privacy practices or the content of these sites. If you have any questions about the privacy practices of another website, you should contact the privacy officer of that website.

It is our practice not to obtain and / or maintain information about persons under the age of sixteen (16) except what is given to us by their escorts (parents, guardians) and is absolutely necessary for the provision of our services (eg placing a cot in a room).

We desire and seek to contact you for matters relating to your personal data and the protection of your privacy, such as:
* updating your details,
* changing the way you want to communicate,
* the interruption of the sending of informative and promotional messages by us,
* asking questions or commenting on our privacy practices and this Privacy Policy.
You can contact us for the above and other related issues in any of the following ways that best suits you:
* postal: Hotel MakednosAddress: Akti Koviou, Sithonia, Chalkidiki, Greece
* Telephone: +30 2375081430
* e-mail:
It is possible to review this Privacy Policy periodically in order to adapt to the changing legal, regulatory, business and technological environment. On our website you can find the current Privacy Policy with the effective date so you know when the most recent review took place.